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What happens after I submit my online booking?

Once you have submitted your online booking, one of our office representatives will carefully look through your booking requirements and send you a confirmation email with more information about your booking.

If you have any questions or concerns our friendly office staff are ready to help you and answer any questions you may have over the phone. You can reach our office at 0203 026 0203 or simply leave a comment in the “Customer Comment” section requesting a call back and one of our assistants will call you shortly.

Our office lines are open 7 days a week! Monday to Friday 8:00am until 8:00pm and 8:00am until 4:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

If you are making the booking outside of our office working hours, please feel free to drop us an email at and we will answer your email at the first opportunity we get.

HOWEVER… before you do give us a call or send us that email please have a look at our FAQ’s section below as your questions may have already been answered.


Is there a minimum call out charge?2021-01-28T17:15:59+00:00

Yes, there is a minimum call out charge of £50.00. That means if you book your service and it’s under £50.00 we will charge you £50.00 as that is the minimum. 

How much will it cost to have my carpet professionally cleaned?2021-01-28T17:12:25+00:00

Here at Cleaners of London, we base the cost of our carpet cleaning services depending on the rooms requires to be cleaned. You can have your living room cleaned for as little as £30.00 and a double bedroom for as little as £25.00.

How much can I expect it to cost for my rug to be cleaned?2021-01-28T17:11:34+00:00

Like our carpet cleaning services, our rug cleaning services are also based on the size of rug and the chosen cleaning methods. Estimates include: small rugs start from £15.00 and larger rugs cost around £30.00.

Where do you operate your services?2021-01-28T17:33:59+00:00

We provide our professional carpet cleaning service across London and within the M25.

How many technicians can I expect to be cleaning my carpet?2021-01-28T17:10:56+00:00

Many people ask us how many people they expect to arrive at their home to clean their carpet. We will send only one, qualified individual to your house or apartment, who will bring along all of the relevant equipment and products to clean your carpet efficiently.

Do you take the carpet elsewhere to clean it?2020-06-27T11:13:33+00:00

Your carpet will stay in your home, and we do not remove it in order to conduct our carpet cleaning services. This means that we’re able to clean your carpet at a quicker rate!

Do your professional carpet cleaning methods support odour removal?2021-01-28T17:04:28+00:00

They certainly can! We highly recommend professional carpet cleaning when it comes to removing unwanted odours from your home. We guarantee your house or apartment will smell great!

Please may I have a discount?2021-01-28T17:19:29+00:00

Make sure to ask our friendly staff to see what kind of deals we have going on at the time.

What are the different types of carpets and rugs you are able to clean?2021-01-28T17:21:37+00:00

Our professional carpet cleaning technicians are trained to clean a number of carpet pile types including carpets made from natural fibres to wool. Our team of experts are also qualified in rug cleaning including Moroccan, Indian, Tibetan and other types of rugs.

Will my carpet take long to dry?2021-01-28T17:38:06+00:00

This all depends on the type of carpet that you have. For example, carpets made of synthetic fibre generally dry with 6 hours, whereas woollen fibres can take up to 8 hours to dry.

What can I expect in terms of your availability?2021-01-28T17:23:34+00:00

Regardless of your commitments, we can help you. You’re able to book any of our professional carpet cleaning services from 7am to 5am 7 days a week, and even over bank holidays!

Are you able to guarantee a successful stain removal?2021-01-26T17:46:15+00:00

Whilst we always do our best, some products will leave a permanent mark visible on your carpet. This includes the likes of hair dye and other strong chemicals.

Are your technicians able to move my furniture for me?2021-01-26T17:47:28+00:00

Our technicians are happy to move the odd chair or coffee table. Heavier furniture such as beds, sofas etc. should be moved in advance.

How much will my end of tenancy cost?2021-01-28T17:13:17+00:00

The cost of your End of Tenancy Cleaning will depend on the size and condition of the property. The cost also depends on whether you wish to add Steam & Upholstery cleaning or if you have blinds or balcony.

How many cleaners will come to my property to carry out the job?2021-01-28T17:10:10+00:00

We work only with highly skilled and trained teams of minimum 2 cleaners per team. For bigger properties we can arrange a small army of cleaners from 3 to 8 people.

Do you provide a guarantee?2021-01-26T18:06:49+00:00

Yes, our End of Tenancy Cleaning London is covered by our 72 hours guarantee. This means that if you contact us within 72 hours of when the cleaning took place, we will be able to send a team free of charge to fix any outstanding issues. 

How long will the cleaning take to complete?2021-01-28T17:08:06+00:00

As a rough guide we advise that most jobs will be completed between 3 to 5 hours. Smaller jobs may be done faster and bigger jobs may require more time to complete.

Do your cleaners bring their own cleaning products and equipment?2021-01-28T17:03:36+00:00

Yes, of course! All of our teams come fully equipped with cleaning materials and equipment necessary for every job!

Do I have to cover the Congestion, ULEZ and Parking fees?2020-12-07T12:32:03+00:00

Yes. If you live in the Congestion charge/ULEZ zone you will have to cover the fees.

Do I need to be present at the property during the duration of the cleaning?2021-01-26T18:00:42+00:00

Nope. You simply have to provide access for our team or arrange access and they will take care of your property and provide a high quality cleaning job. 

Can I include steam carpet cleaning?2021-01-26T17:51:49+00:00

Yes, steam carpet cleaning goes hand in hand with our end of tenancy cleaning service. We recommend you add it as part of the service as it will help get your deposit back in full!

Can I include upholstery cleaning?2021-01-26T17:53:20+00:00

Yes, of course! You may add sofa, mattress or curtains to be upholstery cleaned as part of your clean!

Can you pick up keys from my local estate agents?2021-01-26T17:54:58+00:00

Yes, as long as the estate agents are 5-10 minutes from the property we can collect and return the keys at no extra cost! If the estate agents is further than 10 minutes a small fee of £10.00/£20.00 may be added to the final bill.

Are kitchen appliances included with the end of tenancy cleaning?2021-01-26T17:45:16+00:00

Yes, of course! What kind of an end of tenancy clean doesn’t include the kitchen appliances? We will clean as standard one of each of the following: Oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine. However if you have a big American style fridge or a double oven please be advised that these will cost slightly more as they are bigger and require longer cleaning time. 

Will the team be wearing the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) when they arrive?2021-01-28T17:39:52+00:00

Due to COVID-19 our teams will wear all the necessary PPE including a mask, gloves and overall shoes. #staysafe

Will I get my deposit back in full?2021-01-28T17:36:25+00:00

Yes, we guarantee that you will get your DEPOSIT BACK IN FULL from the cleaning side of things.

Does the discount apply to ongoing services?2021-01-28T17:05:24+00:00

No, our online discount only applies to the first service.

Does the discount code apply to all services?2020-12-07T12:33:16+00:00

Yes, our exclusive 10% discount works with all services you book through our online booking system.

I would like to pay in cash is that possible?2021-01-28T17:14:58+00:00

Yes, simply let us know if you wish to pay in cash and we will not charge your card at the end of the service.

Can I change the time of my booking?2021-01-26T17:50:34+00:00

Yes, we change the time within 48 hours of the booking. If it’s less than 48 hours we cannot promise that we will have the available time you wish, but in most cases we will be able to accommodate you with a new time that both parties are happy with.

Can I change the date of my booking?2021-01-26T17:48:34+00:00

Yes, you can change the date of your booking within 48 hours of the booking itself. Once the 48 hours has passed we will do everything in our power to accommodate your new date, but we cannot promise that we will have availability.

When will I receive my confirmation email?2021-01-28T17:32:35+00:00

You will get an automatic email straight away to confirm that the online booking has been successful. Shortly after that our staff will check your booking and send you email confirmation with some more details and information about the booking.

Will I be charged once I submit my online booking?2021-01-28T17:35:30+00:00

No, we will not charge your card straight away. You will only be charged once the service has been completed.

Can I make changes to my bookings after it has been submitted.2021-01-26T17:54:02+00:00

Yes, you can please contact us and we will make the necessary changes for you.