Improve Your Health and Your Home with Professional Carpet Cleaning

In this article you will learn on how you can improve your health with professional carpet cleaning services. Unlike all other furnishings in your home, your flooring – especially the carpeting – takes a punishment each day. If you have an active household, foot traffic is the worst offender imaginable.

The constant flow of back-and-forth activity not only wears on the carpeting. But also leaves behind a sometimes-microscopic trail of dirt, dust, bugs, and other particulates. These particulates contribute to carpet degradation and can affect your health and that of loved ones and visitors. There are two solutions: Regular vacuuming, and affordable professional carpet cleaning.

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you had any jaw-dropping surprises watching Harry and Meghan’s Royal Wedding. Harry biting his lip, Meghan’s dress – your carpet may have suffered. Stains from a spilled pint of Fullers, ground-in crumbs from a bag of Walkers Crisps, add up to one conclusion. Your carpet needs to be cleaned by a professional cleaning company, and a pass from a trusty Dyson Cyclone may not do it this time. Depending on the amount in your home, your carpet may need to be professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Here are the benefits:

1. Keep your carpets longer by having professional steam cleaning.

High-quality, long-lasting carpet can be expensive. So keeping it free of allergens, dirt, debris, and dust will ensure the fibres and padding last and reduce future replacement expenses. Our team can advise you on optimal cleaning methods and provide tips to keep your carpet lush and beautiful for years to come.

2. Reduces the number of allergens that get trapped in your carpet and released by traffic and vacuuming.

This includes body parts and faeces from dust mites, which severely increase the physical effects of allergies. Allergens not only increase the effects of existing allergies, but also the quality of indoor air. Having your carpet professionally cleaned can improve both.

3. Prevent or reduce the amount of mould.

If your home has a high humidity level or the carpet is regularly exposed to wetness, mould will inevitably grow in your carpet. Our professional cleaning system has a drying feature to eliminate moisture, removes existing mould, and can help minimise respiratory issues.

4. Go beyond surface dirt, hot water extraction kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses .

God love that Dyson – it is a beast! But even the best consumer-grade vacuum will leave behind pieces of dirt and bacteria. However professional carpet cleaning will suck them out down to the fibre level and carpet backing.

5. Lessen the visual impact of severe stains.

While we can’t guarantee their complete removal, professional carpet cleaning nearly always dramatically improves the appearance of severe stains, and sometimes will eradicate them altogether.

6. Improve the appearance of high-traffic areas.

Carpeting in the living room, bedroom, and halls will always collect the most dirt. Professional steam cleaning will not only remove the dirt but give high-traffic areas the near-lustre it had when new.

Professional carpet cleaning in London not only demonstrates your commitment to your initial flooring investment, but also to the value and appearance of your home. Our service can extend the life of your carpet and help improve the air quality within your home, so contact us today for more information.