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Deep cleaning service for your home

Our deep spring cleaning service is meticulously crafted to handle those time-consuming tasks that you might not have time to address.

How Does Our One-Off Deep Cleaning Work?

#1 Customise & book

Choose your required hours, pick the date and time, we’ll find the right deep cleaners for your needs!

#2 Easily manage your booking online

Check prices and availability, re-schedule, re-book or cancel your service any time you like.

#3 Enjoy your free time!

Workout, play, rest, live… while our deep cleaners take care of the cleaning.

Why Use Our Deep Cleaning Service London?

Trusted Professionals

We meet and train every single deep cleaning professional that enters your home. Even if they are already an experienced cleaning professional they will still go through our training programme for extra peace of mind.

Exceptional Service

We are always striving to provide the highest quality deep cleaning service combining old and new cleaning methods. We constantly improve our detergent to stay ahead of the game.

Insured Service

Every cleaner is fully insured and our company is also insured for your peace of mind while we clean your home.

Cleaning Supplies

No cleaning materials? No problem! Our deep clean service includes cleaning products with it.

100% Happiness Policy

Our goal is to make our customers life easier. If any issue occur please contact us straight away and we will rectify and assist you along the way with any concerns you may have.

Certified by

Federation of master cleaners

Deep House Cleaning Services in London

To all of our current and future customers, we are proud to present the Deep Cleaning Services in London. We will go above-and -beyond so that your property is properly cleaned and disinfected! Now more than ever with Covid-19 battles happening on a daily basis it’s important that house cleaning or workplaces are regularly having deep cleans as this helps fight against infections from catching colds & flu viruses which can be dangerous if left untreated.

You might be wondering what exactly does the deep cleaning service offer that is different from your regular domestic cleaning or a one-off cleaning service.  To start off the Deep Cleaning service is designed to tackle those areas that usually there isn’t usually enough time to clean by your regular cleaning professional. Some of these areas will be internal windows, door frames, window frames, skirting boards, light-switches, door handles, inside cupboards, inside microwave, inside oven cleaning, removing spider webs, inside the fridge and harder to reach places.

You can already see how this is more of a one off deep cleaning. Our deep cleaners will have more time in your property to get these areas which are usually neglected to be properly cleaned and most importantly disinfected. With this one off cleaning services our cleaning professionals will bring all cleaning products necessary to tackle the job at hand.

Our cleaners will make sure your property or workspace is cleaned to the highest standard possible. You should provide our cleaners with a vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket. As our cleaners travel by public transport they are not able to bring this equipment with them.

Is this service similar to an end of tenancy cleaning?

To put it plainly no. End of tenancy cleaning is a much more thorough cleaning and it is done when the property is completely empty and nobody is living there. With our one off deep cleaning it is essentially like a one off cleaning service but, the cleaners will have more time to clean kitchen appliances, including oven, fridge, freezer, internal window cleaning, glass surfaces and generally get the deep dirt built up out of your property.

We use the best cleaners for our deep clean service as there is more to it than a domestic cleaning session and slightly lass than a tenancy clean. It is somewhere in between an end of tenancy job and a domestic cleaning services. If you are living in a one bedroom one bathroom flat the minimum service is 4 hours – this is to make sure our cleaners have enough time to provide a deep clean. If you live in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment the deep clean will take between 4.5 to 5 hours.

How do I book my deep clean?

Our cleaning company has made it very easy to book your deep clean. Simply visit our online booking form, choose your date, time and how many hours you wish to have. Check our availability and see the price instantly. We can accommodate short notice bookings, however if you need same day cleaning then please give us a call instead as our online booking form will not allow same day bookings.

The Cleaners of London House Cleaning Checklist

Below is our typical house cleaning checklist. Please note the exact services may vary depending on the particulars of your home and your preferences.

kitchen cleaning

Kitchen Checklist

The kitchen requires the most attention from a cleaning perspective. Because it is where food is stored, prepared and served every aspect of the kitchen must always be clean and hygienic. Failing to keep it so opens up the possibility of various types of food poisoning and also sends out a red-carpet invitation to roaches and other vermin. The typical Cleaners of London kitchen checklist includes the following.

  • Wiping and dusting all surfaces and kitchen cupboards.
  • Cleaning inside the oven.
  • Wiping the inside of the microwave.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all appliances.
  • Washing the dishes.
  • Cleaning the aspirator.
  • Wiping any hot plates.
  • Cleaning inside the fridge.
  • Sweeping and/or vacuuming the floor.
  • Mopping the floor.
  • Emptying and re-bagging the bins.
Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom Checklist

For a different set of reasons keeping the bathroom clean is equally important. Whereas in the kitchen the dangers of improper cleaning revolve around spoiled food and attracting parasites in the bathroom the dangers of poor cleaning revolve around mould, mildew, unhygienic grooming tools, the spread of bacteria and infectious agents, and more. Our typical bathroom checklist is comprised of the following:

  • Dusting and wiping all surfaces.
  • Cleaning the sink, faucets, and tap.
  • Wiping the mirror or mirrors.
  • Cleaning the shower enclosure.
  • Polishing tiles.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the toilet bowl.
  • Scrubbing the bathtub.
  • Cleaning the inside of the vanity.
  • Vacuuming/sweeping and mopping the floor.
  • Emptying and re-bagging the bins.
Living room cleaning

Living Room

The living room is where you and your loved ones gather to relax. It is also, along with the kitchen, the focal point when you entertain. The last thing you want is for guests to be greeted by a dishevelled living room. Our typical living room/family room cleaning checklist involves the following:

  • Cleaning down the furniture.
  • Wiping and dusting all flat surfaces.
  • Cleaning and wiping the skirting boards.
  • Wiping the doors and door handles.
  • Dusting decorative objects.
  • Wiping down lampshades and picture frames.
  • Cleaning the inside of windows.
  • Wiping down the light switches.
  • Hoovering and mopping the floor (if applicable).
  • Vacuuming under and around furniture.
  • Emptying and re-bagging any bins.
Bedroom cleaning


While the bedroom is out of public view it’s still vital that it be kept clean and neat. Nothing drags down the spirits like a messy bedroom. Our typical bedroom cleaning checklist includes:

  • Changing the bedding.
  • Dusting the bed frame.
  • Wiping and dusting all flat surfaces.
  • Cleaning inside the wardrobe.
  • Wiping any picture frames.
  • Dusting lampshades.
  • Cleaning any decorative objects.
  • Wiping and dusting the window blinds.
  • Cleaning any light switches.
  • Wiping down the skirting boards.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Emptying and re-bagging the bins.
Hallway and stairs cleaning


The hallways and staircases are an often overlooked aspect of house cleaning but one that doesn’t get past our highly trained staff members. Our typical hallway/staircase cleaning checklist includes:

  • Dusting any furniture.
  • Wiping picture frames.
  • Cleaning any light switches.
  • Wiping down the skirting boards.
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Sweeping the stairs.
  • Wiping down the handrails.
  • Cleaning the inside of the front door.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the cleaners bring equipment for the job?2022-01-12T21:45:00+00:00

As standard our cleaners will not bring equipment for the job. If you require cleaning equipment such as hoover, mop and bucket to be brought please contact us and we will see if that is possible.

What additional services will the cleaners perform?2022-01-12T21:42:20+00:00

Our cleaners will provide an amazing job at your property. They will include cleaning of skirting boards, light switches, door handles, glass surfaces, dust surfaces, clean bathroom, toilet bowl, mirrors, door frames, window frames. Further additional services include all kitchen appliances.

Is window cleaning included with the one off cleaning service?2022-01-12T21:44:36+00:00

Internal dusting and polishing windows is included. Please be advised that external window cleaning is not included. Our cleaners will not climb any ladders due to health and safety reasons.

Is the oven included with the one off cleaning services?2022-01-12T21:43:17+00:00

Yes, oven cleaning is included as part of the deep clean.

How will my carpets be cleaned?2022-01-12T21:45:21+00:00

Our cleaners will hoover all carpets in your property. If you require professional carpet cleaning, you can book one of our carpet cleaners as a separate service.

How many cleaners will you send?2022-01-12T21:41:35+00:00

For a studio or one bedroom flat we will send one cleaner for 4 hours. For any bigger property size you will need more hours. You can book a cleaner for up to 8 hours per session. If you would like to have two cleaners at at once we can arrange that.

Do you provide cleaning materials?2022-01-12T21:42:42+00:00

Yes, as standard our cleaners will come with cleaning materials to every house cleaning job.

Do I need to be present while the cleaners are at my property?2022-01-12T21:44:14+00:00

When you are booking your house cleaning select a convenient time where you can let our cleaners into your property.Please show them where equipment is kept. Once our cleaning professional is inside your property you can let them get on with the job. Lastly come back when they are finished and check out the amazing job they have done.

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