Most people don’t know how to properly prepare for a domestic cleaning London visit. They feel like they either do little to nothing or end up doing too much in preparation. However, there are ways to make domestic cleaning visits more efficient and less of a hassle. Here are eight simple tips that can help.

1. Make sure the house is tidy

This should go without saying, but before your regular domestic cleaning service provider arrives at your doorstep, be sure that the house is tidy. Even if you are in a hurry or just don’t feel up for doing it, try to do something to help your professional cleaners get on with the job at hand.

If the regular domestic cleaners walk in on your cluttered mess, they are probably not going to just “look the other way.” Be courteous of your domestic cleaners and maybe even help them clean up a bit. A cluttered home makes it more difficult for domestic cleaners to do their job correctly.

If you want to have the same cleaner come back every week to provide a regular service then do help them out.