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End of Tenancy Cleaning Services London

We offer professional end of tenancy cleaning services London by our team of fully trained and insured cleaners. Our complete and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services London are reliable and are always completed to the highest standards. With over 20 years of experience and no hidden costs, you can use our trusted end of tenancy cleaning services 7 days a week.

  • 20 years experience20 years experience
  • 100% deposit back guarantee100% deposit back guarantee
  • No hidden costsNo hidden costs
  • Professional standardsProfessional standards
  • Competitive pricesCompetitive prices
  • Available 7 days a weekAvailable 7 days a week

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning London

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Regular Cleaning


£ 16

Weekly or fortnightly
Professional cleaners
Regular quality control


Regular Cleaning

Every cleaner that we take on is fully insured and trained in providing only the best services. Not only are our cleaners fully insured, but we also have our company insurance to calm any worries. With every cleaner we take on, a thorough vetting system is carried out, ensuring that we have the right people working for us.

End of Tenancy Cleaning London


£ 110

Short notice booking
Fully equipped tenancy cleaning teams
72 hour guarantee


Fixed pricing

We are always honest with the costs of our services up-front. There will be no extra costs, just the quoted price. We live by the motto - no job is too big! Whether you require us to clean a small flat or a four-bedroom house, we will assemble a team of cleaners that will get the job done.

One-off Cleaning


£ 18

Same day service available
Cleaners you can trust
No minimum term


A team you can trust

Relax and feel stress-free with our cleaning team that will be arranged accordingly to suit your needs. We only send out the most experienced and trained cleaners for end of tenancy cleaning. Forget about getting your deposit back, with our cleaning service you will!

Why choose our professional cleaning company in London?

reliable, friendly and affordable services

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20 years

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100% deposit back guarantee

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No hidden

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Available 7
days a week

Why Use Our Tenancy Cleaning Service London?

Whether you are leaving a property or your tenants have just moved out, our end of tenancy cleaning services London can ensure a thorough clean of your property, so it is ready for people to move in. If you are moving out of the property, there are a number of reasons why you should opt for end of tenancy cleaning services London. Firstly, it helps to avoid any tenancy disputes by making sure that the property is as clean as when you moved in. In turn, it means that you are more likely to get all of your deposit back. By hiring an end of tenancy cleaning London company to clean the property for you, you can focus on other elements of moving out, but also be sure that the property will receive an in-depth clean and nothing will be missed.

If you need your landlord to provide a reference for when you move property, then it’s important that you leave the property cleaned to a high standard, as they could include this information in their reference to your new landlord. Some tenancy agreements contain a clause that ask for a professional end of tenancy cleaning company to clean the property. If so, you can be sure that our experienced cleaners London will leave your property spotless and cleaner than when you moved in.

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Why You Should Choose Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

By opting for our end of tenancy cleaning London services, you can enjoy a stress-free move. We can take care of all the cleaning, allowing you to concentrate on the rest of your move. What’s more, we can increase the chances of your deposit coming back in full if you have the property professionally cleaned. Fortunately, our end of tenancy cleaning services London also offer affordable prices too, so you don’t have to break the bank when using our cleaning services!

Our team also have specialised tools and equipment to ensure that a very thorough job is done, as we are able to use the equipment to the best of its ability to deliver high-quality and impeccable cleaning results. At Cleaners Of London, our staff have been highly trained, as well as background checked, so you can be confident that you are hiring the best team for the job. We will deliver exceptional results, creating a very welcoming environment and leaving you 100% satisfied with the work we have completed.

If you would like to find out more about our end of tenancy cleaning London services, don’t hesitate tocontact our friendly team by giving us a call or filling out our online form, today.

Our additional services

End of tenancy cleaning goes hand in hand with the following services below:

carpet cleaning icon

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning is usually required alongside our end of tenancy cleaning services. Our cleaners will steam clean your carpets using our hot water extraction system. This will make your carpet look fresh and eliminate any dirt, stains and bacteria that carpets trap throughout time.

carpet cleaning icon

Upholstery Cleaning

When you book end of tenancy cleaning service, it is advisory to book upholstery cleaning too. What is upholstery cleaning you may ask? Upholstery cleaning can be a mattress, sofa, arm chair etc. We use professional steam cleaning for best results. If you ask your landlord or estate agent, they will recommend you have your upholstery included. This will certainly help with getting your deposit back in full.

carpet cleaning icon

Rug & Curtain Cleaning

Having your rugs and curtains professionally steam cleaned is another very useful hack to get your deposit back in full. Think of it this way, if you are moving into an apartment would you not want everything freshly cleaned? That’s what we thought. It makes sense and it will get you the deposit back without much hassle from your landlord.

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Domestic cleaning

Every domestic cleaning service will be suited to your needs because we understand that every job is different. With weekly and fortnightly services, we can secure your preferred cleaner so that each domestic clean will be carried out by the same cleaner. Why? Because it allows you to build trust with the cleaner. Additionally, the cleaner will be able to learn the requirements that you and your property need.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist


Clean inside of cupboards, surfaces, units, drawers, doors, door frames, fixtures and shelves. Internal windows, doors and skirting boards. Sink, taps, mirrors, bins, pictures, glass and light fixtures and fittings. Light switches, door and cupboard handles. Cobwebs removed. Carpets hoovered and hard flooring hoovered & mopped.


Clean of door frames, doors, skirting boards, wardrobes, cupboards, internal windows, window frames, light fixtures and fittings. Cobwebs removed. Carpets hoovered and hard flooring hoovered & mopped.

Stairs & Hallways

Clean skirting boards, staircase railings, cupboards, drawers, mirrors, pictures, door frames, doors, internal windows, window frames. Cobwebs removed. Carpets hoovered and hard flooring hoovered & mopped.


Cleaning of bath and shower. Toilet, sink, taps, tiles, mirrors, radiators, extractor fan, light fixtures and fittings. Door frames, skirting boards, internal windows, window frames, cupboards, drawers, fixtures and shelves. Cobwebs removed. Carpets hoovered and hard flooring hoovered & mopped.

Living room

Top to bottom cleaning. Door frames, internal windows, window frames, cupboards, drawers, fixtures, shelves, TV stand & book shelves. Mirrors, pictures, glass, table, chairs, sofa hoovering. Skirting boards and cobwebs cleaned. Carpets hoovered and hard flooring hoovered & mopped.

Kitchen Appliances

Every end of tenancy cleaning includes one standard size oven, one fridge/freezer, one dishwasher, one washing machine and one microwave. External cleaning of kettle & toaster is included. Please be advised that cleaning inside of toaster & kettle is not included. Double sized oven, oven/grill, American style fridge/freezer or additional kitchen white goods are charged additionally.

“The Best End of Tenancy Cleaning In London”

If you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ’s below:

Do you clean lofts?2022-01-11T11:03:15+00:00

Due to the health and safety risks, we are unable to clean lofts which are unconverted. If however, your loft has been converted and is a bedroom or a study we can clean it. 

Do you clean bodily fluids, human or animal blood or faeces?2022-01-11T10:51:34+00:00

No, we do not clean blood or bodily fluids of any kind – it’s highly dangerous and requires a lot more than just water-based cleaning equipment for us!

Do you clean walls and get rid of wall marks?2022-01-11T10:51:02+00:00

No, we cannot clean walls and get rid of marks. This best done prior to our end of tenancy cleaning service commencing!

Do you clean external windows or hard to reach internal windows?2022-01-11T10:50:41+00:00

No, we take safety very seriously and will only clean windows that can be accessed without the need for ladders. This is due to health risks associated with working at heights, so we’ve got you covered!

What are your cleaning services operating hours?2022-01-11T10:49:30+00:00

We are open 7 days for business. We can start our earliest morning job at 6am and start our latest job by 6pm in the evening. We are open on bank holidays providing quality cleaning services through out the year.

How much will my end of tenancy cost?2022-01-11T10:48:31+00:00

The cost of your end of tenancy cleaning will depend on the size and condition of the property. We provide affordable price structure as a tenancy cleaning company we always try to provide affordable rates. However we may not have the best prices on the market as we work with highly skilled teams and pay them well. If you wish to have a discounted price, you can book your tenancy clean service online and save 10%

How many cleaners will come to do the end of tenancy clean?2022-01-11T10:50:10+00:00

We work only with highly skilled and experienced cleaners. For small studio or one bedroom rental property we may send 1 person. However, for bigger properties we usually send a cleaning teams of two or three cleaners. For big properties we may arrange 3 to 8 cleaners, depending on the job.

Do you provide a guarantee?2022-01-11T10:52:26+00:00

Yes, our end of tenancy cleaning is covered by our 72 hours guarantee. This means that if you contact us within 72 hours of when the cleaning took place, we will be able to send a team free of charge to fix any outstanding issues.

How long will the tenancy cleaning services take complete?2022-01-11T10:54:16+00:00

As a rough guide we advise that most jobs will be completed between 3 to 5 hours. Smaller jobs may be done faster and bigger jobs may require more time to complete.

Do your cleaners bring their own cleaning products and equipment?2022-01-11T10:55:15+00:00

Yes, of course! All of our cleaning teams come fully equipped with for every end of tenancy cleaning materials and equipment necessary every deep cleaning job!

Do I have to cover the Congestion charge, ULEZ or parking fees?2022-01-16T23:48:06+00:00

Yes. If you live in the Congestion Charge or Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) you will have to cover the fees. The cost of Congestion Charge zone is £15 per day and the cost of ULEZ is £12.50 per day. Both charges are applicable 7 days a week. Congestion Charge operates from 7:00 am – 22:00 pm, while ULEZ operates 24 hours a day. Our tenancy cleaning teams will try to find free parking. However if they are unable to find free parking we will ask you to cover the fees. These are the only charges that may apply to you, there are no hidden fees.

Do I need to be present at the property during the duration of the end of tenancy cleaning?2022-01-11T11:00:16+00:00

As standard we do require for you, or a representative of yours be present at the beginning and end clean. At start up this is to greet our cleaners while they go over any details on what needs done with regards cleaning services provided. Then once finished just before departure sign off all checklists together in order make sure everything went smoothly and also to settle the balance of the payment. We can discuss alternatives where necessary, but it would rather have one person represent both parties.

Can I include steam carpet cleaning?2022-01-11T11:00:49+00:00

Yes, steam carpet cleaning goes hand in hand with our end of tenancy cleaning service. We recommend you add it as part of your end of tenancy cleaning service as it will help get your deposit back in full by having clean carpets!

Can I include upholstery cleaning?2022-01-11T11:01:22+00:00

Yes, of course! You may add sofa cleaning, mattress, or curtains for upholstery cleaning as part of your tenancy cleaning service!

Can you pick up keys from my local estate agents?2022-01-11T11:02:18+00:00

Yes, as long as they are 5-10 minutes walk from the property we can collect and return the keys at no extra cost! If the estate agents is further than 10 minutes a small fee of £10/£20 will be added to the final bill.

Are kitchen appliances included with the end of tenancy cleaning?2022-01-11T11:02:53+00:00

Yes, of course! What kind of an end of tenancy clean doesn’t include the kitchen appliances? We will clean as standard one of each of the following: Oven cleaning, fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, washing machine. However if you have a big American style fridge or a double oven please be advised that these will cost slightly more as they are bigger and require longer cleaning time.

Do I have to defrost my fridge and freezer in advance of the deep clean?2022-01-11T11:04:08+00:00

We recommend that you defrost your fridge and/or freezer 24 hours before the deep clean service begins, otherwise our staff will not be able to clean it.

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