Once a tenant has signalled their intentions to move out it triggers a series of events. This includes preparing for inspection of the premises, getting the word out that the space will soon be available and, if necessary, arranging for end of tenancy cleaning. Depending on whether the departing tenant was a joy or a nightmare landlords will either feel sadness or relief. But there is no escaping what needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition to the next tenant. Below are some questions to ponder as well as some tips for landlords when tenant is leaving to help facilitate that smooth transition. 


Who Will Conduct the End of Tenancy Cleaning?

For landlords, the biggest concern when preparing for new tenants is ensuring the property is in good condition. To this end the property – whether it be a flat or a house – will need to be thoroughly cleaned. In most cases the tenants will either clean the property themselves or hire house cleaning services in London to conduct the end of tenancy cleaning. In other cases, however, tenants will simply slip away in the night without any notice or leave your property a shambles as they exit. Which means cleaning responsibilities fall to you.

Of course if the tenant ignores their responsibilities and leaves your flat or house in dirty disrepair the cost of the clean-up will be deducted from their security deposit. This means as landlords, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring house cleaning services London. Return your property to tip top shape.


4 Good Reason to Hire Professional House Cleaning Services in London

If your previous tenants have left your property a mess, landlords can deduct the cost of any clean-up from their security deposit. This means you essentially get a free pass to hire professional cleaning London services such as Cleaners of London. The advantages of hiring a professional cleaning service when preparing for new tenants are numerous and include:


  • Less time and hassle – A thorough end of tenancy cleaning is no small job. It might take you several days to do everything yourself. If the ne’er do well former tenant is going to foot the bill from their security deposit there’s no reason to waste your time doing it yourself.
  • Quick turnaround – Professional house cleaning services in London do this sort of thing on a daily basis. They’ll get in and out in a hurry and free up the space quickly so you can start showing it to prospective new tenants.
  • They’ll do the job right – You can be sure your flat or house will sparkle for new tenants when you have it cleaned by professional house cleaning services in London to ensure there are no missed spots
  • Accountability – In the unlikely event a member of the cleaning service staff breaks or otherwise damages something that belongs to you they are fully insured. Conversely, if you break something while cleaning the space yourself the cost comes out of your pocket.

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The Move Out Checklist

Not all tenants are of a mind to treat landlords’ property with contempt. Most are more than willing to live up to their responsibilities. For that reason providing a move out checklist of things to present to the tenant can help clarify things. This way they know exactly what is expected of them before they vacate the premises.

Why the Move Out Checklist is Important

Money does strange things to people and causes them to act in sometimes unexpected ways. Even tenants that have been a joy to rent to can become unreasonable, aggressive and accusatory when it comes to their security deposit. They’ll refuse to accept they’ve done anything wrong even if the evidence is staring them in the face. For this reason it’s important to present tenants with a move out checklist in order to fend off any confusion. The following is a sample move out checklist.

  • All floors must be vacuumed, swept and mopped.
  • The kitchen and all landlord-owned appliances must be clean and in good working order.
  • Please ensure all walls are clean and painted the colour they were on the day you moved in.
  • All windows must be cleaned inside and out.
  • Any carpet or upholstery stains must be completely removed.
  • The front porch or balcony (whichever may apply) must be thoroughly cleaned.
  • All landlord owned appliances, curtains and linens must be clean and accounted for.
  • No trash shall be left behind except in duly designated outdoor receptacles.
  • The yard (if applicable) must be clean and presentable.
  • All light fixtures must be in proper working order with working bulbs.
  • There shall be no blockages – partial or total – in the plumbing.
  • All smoke alarms shall be in place and working properly.
  • All personal belongings will be removed or they will be disposed of at the tenant’s expense.
  • You must schedule the move out inspection for 3-5 days prior to your departure date.

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Of course the precise list of items on your move out checklist will likely vary depending on the type of property, its location and the specifics of its design. But that should not dissuade you from compiling such a list and presenting it to your tenant once they announce their intention to depart.


Tips For Landlords When Tenant Is Leaving – Clearing the Way for a Smooth Transition

Preparing for new tenants is difficult enough without having to deal with squabbles with the departing tenant. The move out checklist will go a long way toward preventing misunderstandings. This can lead to those squabbles for both tenants and landlords. It’s important that the tenant understand that if they do not comply with the terms of the move out checklist that they will be in danger of having deductions made from their security deposit to cover the cost of any repairs or end of tenancy cleaning.

As landlords, you should also make tenants aware that they are free to hire house cleaning services in London to conduct the end of tenancy cleaning. This will save them a lot of time and give them a good shot at avoiding any problems as they transition to their new home. With Cleaners of London, it’s easier than ever to arrange end of tenancy cleaning, with quick and easy online booking.