Normally the cleaning would start from the heart of the flat/house, the KITCHEN. The kitchen is the toughest and takes longest to clean as this is where we spend a lot of our time cooking and let’s be honest making a big mess.

What it involves:

Kitchen: removing any food or other stuff from the fridge, freezer and cupboards after which they get cleaned, cleaning inside every kitchen cabinet, cleaning the oven, cleaning all other kitchen appliances, i.e., toaster, kettle, sandwich press, microwave, dishwasher, extractor fan (this is a very important however it is very often missed to be taken apart and cleaned).

Living Room: cleaning skirting boards, picture frames, door frames, moving furniture around and cleaning under/behind it, cleaning all furniture, finally cleaning the floors (vacuum cleaning and or mopping) depending on floor material.

Bedrooms: cleaning skirting boards, picture frames, door frames, lamps, once again moving furniture around to make sure behind the bed is clean and all other furniture which can be moved by our cleaning team, finally cleaning the floor depending on the floor vacuuming and or mopping.

Bathroom/Toilet: cleaning shower/shower head, bath tubs, toilets, mirrors, floors, skirting boards, basically everything the eyes see we clean!

Hallways/Stairs: skirting boards, picture frames, vacuuming and or mopping.