The rise of the global economy and the 24 hour business cycle has meant the death of the standard 9 to 5 workday your parents enjoyed. Working so many hours means many people these days simply don’t have time anymore for things like house cleaning. Yet at the same time the house has to be cleaned. So what to do? An increasing number of busy homeowners are hiring a professional house cleaning services London to do the cleaning for them. Below, we’ll look at 10 reasons why that’s a good idea.

10 Good Reasons to Hire London Cleaning Services

Some homeowners feel that house cleaning services in London are beyond their means. Either that or they are simply unsure of the advantages of such an arrangement. The fact is however, that domestic cleaners in London are often more affordable than you think and there are many good reasons why you should consider hiring one. Here are 10 of those reasons:


They’re fast and effective

Professional cleaners are highly trained and don’t waste any time getting down to business. They typically work from an established checklist and work their way through that list without delay. They can typically clean a room in half the time or less that it would take a homeowner and the finished product is as good or better than what that homeowner would likely do. So not only will your home look great, it will look great in less time.


They clean the things you don’t have time to clean

With all due respect most homeowners tend to miss things when they clean. They’ll miss spots when cleaning, forget about the baseboards, decide they don’t have time to clean under the sofa cushions or ignore the cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling. Professional domestic cleaners in London clean whatever you want them to clean. Including all those things you’ve either been avoiding or simply didn’t have time to deal with.


You’ll be more organised

There’s cleaning and then there’s organising. And they are not the same thing. When someone else is handling the cleaning duties it frees you up to concentrate on other things, like organising. For example: while the cleaner will hoover the carpets and change the linens in your bedroom they won’t be empowered to organise your closet. Only you can do that. And now that you no longer have to worry about mundane cleaning chores you’ll be able to. Your entire home will not just be cleaner it will also be more efficient.


They’ll help save your back

Cleaning is not just time consuming it’s also physically demanding. If you’ve been working hard all day that last thing you want is to have to clean the kitchen when you get home. Working when your body is already tired and overstressed is a good way to injury yourself. By leaving the scrubbing, mopping and vacuuming to someone else you help ensure your own continued health. Which means you’re better able to do your own job.


You’ll have a healthier home

Hardworking homeowners can be forgiven for perhaps not paying as much time and attention to cleaning as it deserves. But when you let things slide you open the door to mould, mildew, bacteria and germs. Many allergies and respiratory illnesses can in fact be linked directly to things like mould in the bathroom or dust mites in the carpet. By having cleaning services London in on a regular basis you will prevent harmful microbes from taking up residence in your home and negatively affecting everyone’s health.


No more cleaning supplies to buy

Professional house cleaning services in London supply their own cleaning products and materials. As a result you are officially free from ever having to buy cleaning materials again. Nor will you have to worry about having to pay to replace the vacuum cleaner when it breaks down. The cleaning service bring everything they need with them and you are free to use the money you would have spent on cleaning supplies on something else: like dinner and a movie. (Which you now have time for because you’re not home cleaning.)


Your home will be worth more

Homes that are well maintained have a higher market value than homes that aren’t. It’s not the kind of thing you’ll notice on a daily basis but the enhanced value will become apparent if you want to take out a loan against the house or if you want to sell the house outright. Remember that regular cleaning is not just a way to keep your home looking good, it’s also essential home maintenance that will prolong the life of your woodwork, tiles, cabinets, appliances and more.


You’ll likely be worth more

Your time is valuable. You know that. Yet every hour you commit to house cleaning is an hour you’re not making money. Now, maybe this doesn’t matter to you. But if it does you should be aware that hiring a domestic cleaning service in London could actually work out to be a net financial gain for you. If you apply your newly free time to your career.


End of tenancy cleaning

When moving time comes the last thing anyone wants to worry about is cleaning. You have enough things on your mind without trying to remember if you vacuumed under the sofa. When you hire London cleaning services to take care of your end of tenancy cleaning service you’ll not only be able to concentrate on other things, you’ll also give yourself the best chance of getting your entire security deposit back without any deductions for dirty windows or a dirty bathroom floor.


Peace and quiet

Let’s face it, family discussions about cleaning can get heated. Especially when parents are overworked. The question of who was responsibility for cleaning this or that can blow up into the kind of argument no one wants to have and most everyone winds up regretting. When you turn the cleaning duties over to house cleaning services in London such as Cleaners of London you’re able to leave those heated arguments in the past and restore peace and tranquillity to your home life.

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