House cleaning is a chore. No doubt. Which goes a long way toward explaining the popularity of house cleaning services London. But, it’s an essential chore which cannot be ignored if your house, flat or condominium is to stay liveable. Most people approach house cleaning in a piecemeal fashion addressing only those things that demand attention at a particular time. But this approach does little but ensure that at some point in the near future the day of reckoning will arrive. However a full-on, top-down house cleaning will be called for. So, is there a better way to approach house cleaning? Below we’ll take a comprehensive look at that question.


A More Sensible Approach

The piecemeal approach has a certain appeal as it often seems more like a choice rather than an obligation. “I’m cleaning this countertop now because I choose to, not because I have to”. But cleaning your home one dirty item at a time only when a pressing need arises is actually the most inefficient, and very time wasting way to approach house cleaning.

A better way is to section the house off and break down what needs to be done and when in each area. Then make a cleaning schedule with the different chores laid out by the day, week, month and year. Here are some room by room guidelines house cleaning services in London recommend for those intent on cleaning their home themselves.


The Kitchen

The kitchen needs to be cleaned every day. No excuses. After you finish cooking you should make sure to wipe down any surfaces that were impacted by food prep and return any spices or other items to their proper place. Dishes should be done immediately after the meal and the sink should be cleaned before declaring the after dinner clean-up complete.

The floor should be swept daily to round up any crumbs or other tidbits that might have fallen. And it should be mopped a minimum of once a week. The fridge should also be cleaned out right before every food shopping trip. Other appliances like the microwave and electric grill should be wiped down daily. Follow our tips for deep cleaning your kitchen.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is the other part of the house that needs regular cleaning attention. Letting it go can lead to the development of mould, mildew and bacteria that can cause potentially dangerous respiratory problems. As one of the most experienced house cleaning services in London we recommend wiping down the shower stall, tub, sink and countertops once a week. At the same time you should sweep and mop the floor.

We recommend cleaning the grout every few months to prevent the development of mould and the toilet should be cleaned no less than twice a week. Also, don’t let dirty towels moulder on the rack in the bathroom.


The Living Room

After the kitchen and bathroom the room that needs the most attention is the living room. The living room gets a different kind of dirty than does the kitchen or the bathroom. In those rooms the risk is microscopic and takes the shape of mould, bacteria and germs. In the living room the issue is dirt dragged in from outdoors, pet hair, dust mites in the carpeting and food debris between and under the cushions of the chairs. Upholstery stains can be another big issue in the living room.

As a general rule any dirty dishes should be removed immediately. Any toys should be gathered up daily so that they don’t become a hazard underfoot and table tops should be wiped down daily as well. Vacuum the carpets once a week (and after every get together) and vacuum the upholstery once a month. You should also consider shampooing the carpets if you’re doing end of tenancy cleaning in London.



From a cleaning perspective the bedroom will require less attention than other areas of the house. There are a number of reasons for this. First, people tend to have deposited whatever dirt they brought in on their shoes in the foyer or living room. By the time they reach the bedroom their shoes are fairly clean. Or they’ve been removed.

Also, whereas the kitchen and living areas are where friends and neighbours congregate. Virtually no one goes in the bedroom other than the person or persons who sleep there. We recommend changing the linens and wiping down the top of the dresser once a week and rotating the mattress and vacuuming the floor once a month. Also, don’t let laundry accumulate in the bedroom. And have a specific place where you put your various pieces of tech.

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In Addition

Some household cleaning activities can wait until you do a yearly deep cleaning in the spring or until you need to engage in end of tenancy cleaning in London. Keep in mind too that your “spring cleaning” can occur any time. That said, as one of the most experienced house cleaning services in London we recommend cleaning the ceiling fans, having the curtains professionally cleaned, cleaning the upholstery, cleaning under major appliances and cleaning under large pieces of furniture once a year.

We also recommend emptying the bookcases and cleaning the shelves annually. In addition we highly recommend having the tumble dryer vent cleaned annually. A high percentage of house fires start in clogged dryer vents so cleaning them annually is smart and will make your home a safer place to live.


In Conclusion

Go through the above recommendations and make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly to-do lists. Use our house cleaning checklist for a step-by-step list of tasks. These should take the place of the piecemeal approach you may have been using previously when you only cleaned things that required immediate attention. It might take a while to turn these suggestions into habits but keep your lists close by and stay the course. Your home will look and feel better as a result and you won’t feel overburdened by cleaning chores. Of course if you need to engage in end of tenancy cleaning in London you’ll need to do the entire list top to bottom, or call us for unrivalled house cleaning services in London.