Few are the people who enjoy cleaning. For almost everyone it’s a chore they put off incessantly and engage in only reluctantly. It’s no surprise that when people do finally get around to cleaning that there would be missed spots they haven’t cleaned. Simply because their heart isn’t in it to begin with. As one of London’s most respected professional cleaning services we’ve seen it all. Including all the places people missed while cleaning before they decided to call us for assistance. Below are 12 areas and items people most often miss when cleaning their home.

Often Overlooked Areas & Missed Spots When Cleaning

Under the furniture

When it comes to places people typically miss while cleaning a good number of them involve large heavy objects people either can’t or don’t want to bother moving. Large items of furniture are a prime example. If you haven’t moved the dressing table or sideboard in a while you’ll likely be surprised how much dirt is under there. Our house Cleaning Services London ensure every square inch of your flooring is clean.


Beneath the fridge

Most people keep the exterior of their refrigerators squeaky clean and do a reasonably good job with the interior as well. Where most get a failing grade, however, is cleaning under the fridge. We understand that the typical modern fridge is heavy and that moving it can be a hassle. But if enough gunk is allowed to accumulate under the fridge it eventually becomes a red carpet for ants and roaches. If you’ve seen a roach in your kitchen recently and can’t figure out what might have drawn it in, move the fridge. You’ll likely get your answer. Our deep cleaning kitchen guide has more tips to getting your kitchen in sparkling shape.  


Beneath the sofa cushions

This one is a pretty universal missed spots and it’s easy to understand why. After all, who is ever going to lift up the cushions? But allowing bread crumbs, breath mints, snack residue, dirt, dust and miscellaneous debris collect between and beneath the seat cushions turns your sofa into a petri dish for microbes. Dirt under the cushions might not seem like a big deal. Until, that is, someone needs to reach under there to get the remote. We recommend getting professional upholstery cleaning for that exact reason. Our steam cleaning services in London will leave your sofa, armchair & dining chairs in pristine condition free from dirt and sanitised.


Beneath appliances

This one may come as a bit of a surprise since appliances are not usually large and heavy. But what happens is that people find a preferred spot for a toaster oven or microwave and leave it there for extended periods of time. Or they may take a damp cloth to the outside from time to time but they may not actually move the appliance for a year or more.


Behind the toilet

This is one area most people are happy to leave to professional cleaning services. Either that or they will only venture back there when deep cleaning the house. This is unfortunate because it is crucial to the maintenance of a hygienic home that all areas of the bathroom be cleaned on a regular basis.


Inside the dishwasher

The dishwasher does yeoman’s work keeping our dishes, glasses, cups and cutlery food-ready. But have you taken a good close look at the inside of your dishwasher lately? Most people never give a thought to cleaning the interior of their dishwasher but they should.


The baseboards

In most homes carpets get cleaned regularly, as do hardwood floors. But what gets overlooked are the baseboards. Baseboards collect large amounts of dust and dirt brought into the house by the occupants, including the pets. If anyone in the home suffers from allergies and respiratory distress cleaning the skirting boards regularly may help alleviate their discomfort.

Often Overlooked Items & Missed Spots When Cleaning Your House

The shower curtain

Showers are warm, moist places. Just the kind of environment mould, mildew and bacteria are drawn to and thrive in. Shower curtains are often overlooked because they’re thought of as being self-cleaning. After all, they’re in the shower all the time and getting rinsed down daily. Everything should be so clean. Right? Wrong. Shower curtains are bacteria magnets that can quickly become the biggest single health hazard in the home.



High quality window treatments are not cheap. But the soft fabric of most curtains makes them dust and dirt magnets. So it’s a little surprising that most homeowners don’t clean them as often as they should and curtains are popular missed spots. As one of the leading London house cleaning services we’ve seen how much pet hair, pet dander, pollen and other allergens can collect in the curtains. So keeping them clean is crucial if anyone in the house suffers from allergies.


Ceiling fans

Because they operate silently over our heads ceiling fans tend to be out of sight and so out of mind – common for missed spots. But they actually need to be dusted regularly and should be cleaned every couple of months. Failing to keep the ceiling fans clean will result in them becoming little more than efficient dust distributors.


Trash bins

Although they tend to be the dirtiest thing in or around the home bins are often left uncleaned for years at a time. The thinking seems to be “Why bother? I’m only going to fill it with garbage again tomorrow anyway?” While that mindset is certainly understandable the fact is you shouldn’t wait until you engage in deep cleaning the house to clean the trash bins. Keeping them clean will help keep vermin at bay while preventing noxious odours.


Toothbrush holder

It’s ironic perhaps that we spend so much time, money and effort on keeping our teeth and gums healthy. But so little time cleaning the toothbrush holder. Studies have shown that toothbrush holders often have as much bacteria on them as the toilet seat. You wouldn’t store your toothbrush on the toilet seat after every use, would you? In order to ensure you’re not putting a bacterial stew in your mouth every morning the toothbrush holder should be cleaned once a week.

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To ensure you don’t miss a thing, use our House Cleaning Checklist, used by our professional cleaners every day. Alternatively, consider a professional cleaning service in London to do the hard work for you. Our guide on what to look for when hiring a cleaner could help you.