1. Regular domestic cleaning services

1.1: The customer agrees with Cleaners of London Ltd terms and conditions by confirming their booking. The terms and conditions will be emailed to the customer before the initial service.

1.2: Every domestic cleaning service operates under a minimum time, to be agreed in the contract and any change in this time period must be notified at least five working days in advance. (Example : if you need to change the working time from 3 hours to 2 hours, Cleaners of London Ltd must be notified five working days in advance of the visit; otherwise you will have to pay the full amount for 3 working hours.)

1.3: The customer agrees to provide a list of tasks required AND all detergents, supplies and equipment required by the cleaner, unless otherwise agreed with Agency. All equipment and supplies should be in safe working order.

1.4: If the customer requires Cleaners of London Ltd to provide cleaning supplies and equipment on their behalf, the customer understands that an appropriate charge will be applied.

1.5: Cleaners of London Ltd is NOT responsible for any alarm triggered during a cleaning services visit. The customer MUST provide The Agency with full instructions for disabling and or resetting and alarm systems on the premises.

1.6: For all regular cleaning services, a one-month minimum term contract applies. If the customer cancels the job with less than 1 month`s notice there will be issued one extra payment as penalty to cover time needed to re-assign the cleaner.

1.7: The price quoted to the customer over the telephone or in email ONLY includes cleaning and ironing labour costs.

2. Complains

2.1: Reports of poor service, breakage, damage, or theft MUST be reported by the customer to Cleaners of London Ltd with 24 hours of the visit. Reports received after this time frame will not entitle the customer to any refund or replacement service.

2.1.1: Cleaners of London Ltd will respond to any complaints reports within two working days after receipt of the report.

2.1.2: Complaints may be made verbally via telephone or by writing via email or letter, but either must be received within 24 hours of the service. The operator within the Agency with whom you speak when reporting the  complain will send you a summary of the conversation via email; until you replay to this email, the complaint cannot be accepted.

2.2: The customer agrees to secure or remove any fragile, breakable or highly valuable items.

2.3: Replacement of keys/locksmith fees will apply only if the key has been lost by one of the Cleaners of London Ltd operatives. Cleaners of London Ltd liability extends to a maximum of £30 per household for these costs.

2.4: In the case of damage/breakages, Cleaners of London Ltd will pay for repair of the item or, if repair is not possible, credit the customer with its current cash value in order for like-to-like replacement. This liability only applies once payment for the cleaning services has been received in full.

3. Insurance

3.1: Operatives from Cleaners of London Ltd work under a self-employment basis and are covered by their individual Public Liability policies.

3.1.1: Cleaners of London Ltd also hold Public Liability insurance as a company.

3.1.2: Neither Cleaners of London Ltd not its operatives are liable for the first £100 of any claim or for any claim of £100 or less. The customer understands that they should have adequate insurance in place over their own possessions e.g. a general household insurance policy, and will produce a copy of this to the Agency if requested.

3.1.3: Claims exceeding the £100 minimum will be considered if reported within 24 hours after the service took place. Customer will be granted compensation or reimbursement in the following situations: the operative who was send by Cleaners of London Ltd alerts us to the environment, the customer himself,/herself did not give direct instructions to the cleaner to use unapproved products/equipment.

3.2: Cleaners of London Ltd reserves the right to refuse to disclose the confidential company documents.

4 Customer Satisfaction

4.1: The customer understands that s/he is not entitled to any refunds

4.2: In case the representative from Cleaners of London Ltd fails to complete the job satisfactorily, the customer will be entitled to a re-clean of the particular unsatisfactory areas/tasks to achieve full customer`s satisfactions.

4.3 The customer must be present at all time during the recovery clean. Cleaners of London Ltd reserves the right to only offer one recovery clean per service.

5. Liability

5.1: Cleaners of London Ltd is NOT liable for:

5.1.1: Completing jobs not listed on the customer`s task list

5.1.2: Completing jobs where sufficient cleaning products/equipment were not supplied to do so

5.1.3: Any third parties or their actions who enter or are present at the customer`s premises during the cleaning visit

5.1.4: Any wear or discolouration of fabric that becomes more notable once dirt is removed

5.1.5: Removal of old/permanent stains that are not affected by standard cleaning methods on fabrics or carpets

5.1.6: Removal of any stains, spillage or damage that cannot be completely removed by the cleaning products/equipment provided by the customer or standard carpet cleaning measures.

5.1.7: Any damages caused by faulty products/equipment provided by the customer

5.1.8: If the customer requires items to be cleaned that require specialist products/supplies beyond standard, Cleaners of London Ltd reserves the right to refuse to provide such specialist provisions. Cleaners of London Ltd will advise the client to provide such specialist cleaning supplies and provide instructions to the sales operative when placing the order via telephone or email before the service is carried out OR to the operative when they arrive.

6. Cancellation

6.1: The customer may cancel or change the time of a cleaning service by giving at least 24 hours notice. S/He can do this over the phone or by email. To confirm the cancellation or the change our operator will email or give the customer and identical code confirming the change. If the customer do not have or receive such a code the service will be charged as completed and the customer will have to pay for it.

6.2: In case the customer cancels less than 24 ours before the service, except in the case of unexpected circumstances, the customer agrees to compensate the cleaner £10. In cases where the customer cancels with less than 24 hours notice twice or more within a three-month period, he/she will be obliged to pay the full amount of the missed service.

6.3: If no access is allowed for the cleaner at the property, the customer will have to compensate the cleaner with an additional £10 charge on their next service. This charge could be waived in case of unexpected circumstances – reviewed on a case-to-case basis. If the customer regularly cancels the service last-minute, the customer will be obliged to cover the full amount of the skipped service.

6.3.1: All keys provided must be able to open the premises with ant special knowledge, skill or ability.

6.4: The customer may terminate a regular cleaning service by giving 30 days advance notice in writing – email, giving reason and specifying the last cleaning date.

6.5: For regular service if the customer prefers to directly hire a cleaner, introduced to him/her by Cleaners of London Ltd, privately the customer agrees to pay to the agency a recruitment fee of £200.

6.5.1: The customer also agrees, at any time before OR for twelve months after termination, not to refer any operative introduced to the customer by Cleaners of London Ltd to any other person, unless to refer the company itself to another person.

6.5.2: Cleaners of London Ltd offer one free of charge visit for every time you recommend us to a new client.

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant United Kingdom law and by agreeing to be bound by them, the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom. Cleaners of London Ltd reserves the right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without giving any prior notice beyond informing all existing customers if any of the above clauses are changed.